The Weezer Cruise – Day Two

Sorry about the delay.  I blame George Lucas.

So, Day Two.  This was a “day at sea” in which we were en route to Mexico.  Concerts started at around 1:00 PM and ran until past midnight.  Interspersed with these were various “fun cruise activities” that struck me as pretty lame, exactly the sort of cornball thing I was afraid of going in.

I gotta say, it is probably the loneliest damn thing to do, though, sitting on a cruise by yourself while hundreds of people around you are partying and participating in the Official Weezer Cruise Bellyflop Competition ™ or whatever.  I say this as someone who is pretty admittedly a loner!

The one activity of note for myself in the morning was the “photo with Weezer” that everyone was entitled to, which basically meant the whole thing was done assembly line style, in *flash* out.  I wore my Goat Punishment shirt, which it turns out is a super rare collector’s item because the shirt made me an all-star.  People kept coming up to me asking where I got it and to call them before I ebayed it.

The "memorabilia" case, complete with a GP shirt!

Anyway, the music started and my soul clawed its way back into my body.  First up were Boom Bip.  Researching this guy after the fact reveals that this guy actually has a long career and it involves producing music that sounds nothing at all like what they were playing here?  They were pretty rad though.  It was here that I made friends with someone though, which made the rest of the trip much less depressing!

Between these guys and Keepaway I want to learn how to use a synthesizer for reals

After Boom Bip came Wavves.  These guys were alright but there’s not much to say.  I wanted to catch them again (on Day 3, midnight show) but got tired like an old man and crashed before then, so this was all I got to see.


At this point I went inside and caught Lou Barlow playing a solo acoustic show, followed by the Nervous Wreckords.  My photos didn’t turn out all that great in there.  The Nervous Wreckords are a really fun band though.  Got some outdoor pics later on.  Next I caught another Ozma show.

Then came the first of the two indoor Weezer shows, the B-Sides/Pinkerton ones.  Now, typically each person got a ticket to one of the two indoor shows.  But it turned out that they didn’t quite “sell out” this cruise or something, and there was leftover space, so some people got “Golden Tickets” or, in other words, were allowed to come to both shows.  I got one of these.  These shows had assigned seating, though, so I was up in the balcony.

Pat on guitar once again

So for a “B-Sides” set, this was pretty disappointing.  (Things turn around the next time, though!)  They did play Jaime and Mykel and Carli though.  But somewhere my 17 year old self is sleeping a peaceful night, because man hearing Pinkerton cover to cover live is something else.

After that, caught the tail end of another Sebadoh show, and capped the night off with Free Energy.  Free Energy lived up to their name!  Crammed into the casino stage, this show had by far the most energy and excitement until the very last show of the cruise (stay tuned!)

Next up: Day 3.  It involves a monkey!

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    Will Day 3′s writeup ever see the light of day/internet? This on-liner eagerly hopes so!

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