The Weezer Cruise – Day One

So I went on this crazy thing!

When the Weezer Cruise was first announced, it struck me as sort of just stupid and crazy enough to work.  It’s kind of the one thing that sort of salvages the trajectory of Weezer’s music for me: the growing realization that hey, these guys are superstars and kind of just don’t give a crap any more so really who am I to criticize?  Anyway, I kind of dismissed it except to mention it’s hilarity in an email to Mike.  But then that got me thinking…

I looked at the lineup, and it looked pretty good on its own.  And the cost was relatively affordable.  And the Mrs. always wants to do cruise and cruise-type stuff so if I was gonna be on one, this would be the one to go on.  Eventually, I talked myself into it.

Unfortunately, the Mrs. had to cancel after all, and I went by myself.  I was kind of dreading this.  At the last minute, I kind of had this sense that this thing was going to be a stupid waste of money and make me feel old and depressed.

Turns out, it was kind of awesome?  Kind of.  The music parts were, anyway.  As in, the act of sitting on a cruise ship staring at an empty ocean horizon while staff wait on you and you eat bad buffet food and drink overpriced drinks is kind of an indescribable soul-draining affair if you have no one to share it with, but once the concerts kicked in I kind of had a blast.

Sorry, left you out of this one, Pat.

So the launch of the boat was accompanied by the first actual Weezer concert, on the outdoor stage.  This concert featured the band’s “greatest hits” followed by the entirety of the Blue Album.  The “hits” were basically random tracks off of post-Pinkerton albums.  They did a pretty good job in picking those new songs that don’t actually suck for this part!  And while they did play “Beverley Hills”¹, they also played “Blast Off!” so all was forgiven.

Pat played guitar for the first portion, which freed Rivers up to goof off some.

This is on a waterslide.

The Blue Album was the Blue Album so that was pretty rad.

Next up was Sebadoh.  I should listen to more Sebadoh!  This was really the Lou Cruise between Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., and Barlow’s solo shows.  Then I moved inside to see the Antlers.  I didn’t realize that their new album was 2011, I would have had that on my 2011 mix for sure!  It has a lot more oomph live.


I skipped out on the first Dinosaur Jr. show to eat and then see Ozma, since I’m not the hugest Dino Jr. fan.  From what I heard my ears should thank me because they were apparently crazy loud.  (I confirmed how loud they were later on during the cruise.)  After Ozma, I closed the night out with a band I’d never heard of called Keepaway.  They were my surprise discovery of the trip, they were a lot of fun and had a sound that is hard to describe but I’d put somewhere halfway between Vampire Weekend and Wolf Parade, but not really.

Not enough people came to see these guys.

This last show was on the “casino” stage which was basically a small clearing in the middle of a hallway next to a bar, so it was really the funnest place to see bands play.

Next up, the first day on the water.

¹ I will admit not hating this song as much live.  None other than Lou Barlow summarized my feelings quite well.  To paraphrase him from later on on the cruise: “It turns out I like Weezer more than I thought.  Even that ‘Beverley Hills’ song.  That song used to make me so angry, but now I’m like ‘hey, alright!’”

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  1. a dave says:

    Nathan, this is a pretty unique vacation. I can picture you and Rivers lounging on the deck, sipping mint juleps, and discussing the native habitats of burrowing animals. I, for one, am terribly excited to read the remaining parts of your travelogue.

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